So I recently graduated! Well, by recently I mean last month, but I’ve been meaning to update. That means you will be seeing a lot more art soon.

In the mean time, here is some more Guild Wars 2 fan art!

Still not completely finished, but I don’t know if it ever will be. I recently watched the David Tennant years again, and it just hurts too much to finish this honestly.

Feel free to read through some great 10th Doctor quotes, listen to a playlist I made, and be sad with me.

Work-in-progress of the 10th Doctor. I’ve been re-watching Doctor Who with my family, and I forgot how sad the 10th Doctor made me. Ugh. I just have so many feelings about him, and David Tennant was so fantastic. We are just starting season 4, and I am in no way emotionally prepared for it. 

Anyway, this will be done soon and I will post the finished piece when it is completed. 

Another Guild Wars 2 character design! This time a vain human elementalist with a destructive streak. 

Just a character design I’ve been working on.

Concept art for a original character I made for the Avatar world. His name is Hien, and he is a vagabond who currently lives in a bush.